Hydrogenated Phosphatidylcholin (Lecithin, natural)

This substance, which belongs to the phospholipids, is the main component of the human cell membrane.

The main players in the anti-aging field, such as hyaluronan or vitamin C, are probably familiar to most people. However, there are also many other active ingredients that are less well known but still form an excellent basis for high-quality, effective cosmetics.

Phospholipids belong to these substances. The most effective one is phosphatidylcholine (PC). This substance is the main component of the human cell membrane. Due to this property, phosphatidylcholine has excellent prerequisites for the production of finest, high-quality cosmetics which are characterised by a noticeable all-round effect. Phosphatidylcholine strengthens the skin barrier, refines pores and skin texture and develops an excellent deep action.

All human cells (e.g. brain cells, muscle cells, skin cells) are surrounded by a cell membrane. This cell membrane consists mainly of PC. We make use of this fact and use PC as a "skin-own" substance.

The anti-aging effect also results from this fact:

PC has the ability to "carry" active ingredients and vitamins right into the epidermis.

It ensures good moisture penetration and at the same time strengthens the skin barrier

Because of its contribution to continuous skin renewal, PC is a gentle alternative to peeling with fruit acid or vitamin A

PC helps against acne and provides a finer skin texture

In addition, PC provides the skin with an optimal supply of moisture and natural lipids and thus counteracts the ageing process.