Olea Europaea Fruit Oil (Olive oil, organic)

In our cosmetics we only use an extra gentle cold pressed olive oil, from controlled organic cultivation (KbA). This is gently treated with steam to remove odour substances, so that we obtain a highly pure, odourless olive oil. This enables us to preserve all the ingredients of the olive oil and to bring them into our cosmetics without affecting the smell.

Its ingredients help the skin to regenerate and prevent ageing processes. It can thus prevent the formation of wrinkles and smooth out minor wrinkles. In addition, the oil moisturises and makes the skin feel soft. The vitamin E it contains is said to be able to protect against skin cancer and to help heal eczema. Furthermore, the lipid composition of olive oil is very similar to that of human skin. Therefore, olive oil does not usually cause allergies.

Thus olive oil forms an excellent fat basis in our cosmetics. Unlike artificial oils, silicone oils or mineral oils, which have a sealing effect on the skin, natural oils have a nourishing and lasting effect on the skin. Olive oil is also a "penetration enhancer". This means that olive oil helps to transport vitamins and nutrients into the skin. The highest quality vegetable oils are particularly valuable, as they consist mainly of fatty acids. These belong to the family of lipids and support and supplement the skin barrier. As olive oil has an oleic acid content of up to 80%, it is ideally suited for use in cosmetics. Moreover, it consists of 85% essential fatty acids which dry skin usually lacks. In addition, the linoleic acid contained in olive oil supports the skin from drying out as it is necessary for building the natural skin barrier.

However, high-quality, cold-pressed olive oil also has a completely different essential strength. Its antioxidative effect! Also other vegetable oils, such as corn oil, which are used in cosmetics contain vitamin E, but polyphenols are hardly found in them. These polyphenols are strong radical scavengers and protect the cells. This is why olive oil is so healthy in nutrition. However, refined, purified and processed olive oil loses a lot of these through these processes.

That's why we use an extra gentle cold pressed olive oil, from controlled organic cultivation.

Olive oil cares for skin and hair on the face and the whole body.

Already in ancient times it was used internally and externally. The contained fatty acids are important for the construction of cell membranes. The bitter and pungent substances are said to have an anti-inflammatory and cancer-preventing effect. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are effective both internally and externally for health and beauty care.