Persea Gratissima Oil (Avocado oil, organic)

Avocado oil has intensive caring and protective as well as moisturising and moisture retaining properties. In addition, it promotes the skin's ability to absorb as well as cell regeneration and production. Avocado oil is ideal for dry, cracked or damaged skin. It is also soothing and anti-inflammatory.

We do not make any compromises with our avocado oil either. Only avocado oil from controlled organic cultivation makes it into our cosmetics.

Due to its many different properties, avocado oil is ideally suited for our products.

Avocado oil, like olive or sea buckthorn oil, is a fruit pulp oil. It is pressed from the soft fruits of the avocado tree, centrifuged and filtered. This tree thrives in tropical and subtropical America, in Macronesia and South-East Asia. In addition to the INCI name Persea Gratissima, the botanical synonym Persea Americana also exists.

Avocado oil is particularly popular in cosmetics. It emulsifies excellently, promotes cell regeneration and is ideally suited for the care of dry, cracked or barrier-damaged skin. It is also an ideal care product for hair care. Its high palmitoleic acid content makes this oil particularly well tolerated and thus suitable for the care of sensitive and damaged skin. As an additive in cosmetic products, avocado oil also helps to improve the effect of other ingredients, as moisture can be better bound in the skin, making it more receptive for further care.

Avocado oil is characterised by good spreading properties, good penetration into the skin and a hydrating effect. It contains triglycerides esterified with 85% unsaturated fatty acids. Of the fatty acids, up to 65% are oleic acid and up to 10% linoleic acid. Other components are vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, carotenoids, phytosterols, squalanes, lecithin and saturated long chain hydrocarbons.


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