Over 90% ingredients from controlled organic cultivation!

Over 60% organic aloe vera juice!

0.0% water!

What is 100% Natur Ident?

We have spent several years researching the subject of natural cosmetics. After many discussions with the major labels, we realized that none of them even came close to meeting our expectations of natural cosmetics.

Our understanding of natural cosmetics?

The highest possible proportion of raw materials from controlled organic cultivation, natural raw materials if these are not available from organic cultivation and only nature-identical raw materials if there is no natural variant on the market (z.B. Urea), or where the use of the natural variant is not sensible due to a high allergenic potential (z.B. Hyaluron).

As substances such as preservatives and emulsifiers of chemical origin, which are common in the industry, are permitted in conventional natural cosmetics from the major seals, z.B. urea may not be added, we have decided to refrain from working with these seals.

For this reason, we have created the 100% Natur Ident seal. In all our cosmetics under our 100% Natur Ident seal, we currently only use 3 active ingredients that do not come from natural or organic sources. These are urea, hyaluronic acid and citric acid. We only use citric acid in our shower gel and shampoo. Only when substances that are not natural are labeled as such can we speak of transparency. As transparency and traceability are very important to us, we have provided a complete raw materials database on our website with all the ingredients used in our natural cosmetics. In this way, we guarantee maximum transparency and offer you the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information about all the raw materials and active ingredients contained.

However, we go far beyond the requirements of the well-known seals!

No water in the products!

No emulsifiers!

No preservatives*!

Skin-identical structure!

0.0% water in all products!

Did you know that water is not taken into account in the classification of the major natural cosmetics seals? We were also surprised to discover this. However, water is not considered an ingredient here and is therefore not taken into account.

Out of conviction, we have worked on being able to completely dispense with water in our products. In all our products in the 100% Natur Ident range, we have succeeded in achieving precisely this goal.

No preservatives*!

Preservatives are always a hotly debated topic in cosmetics. Parabens, PEGs and the like are often mentioned here. That is why we have also invested a lot of time and effort in this area in order to be able to do without conventional preservatives.

But cosmetics without preservatives?

Of course we also use a preservative. This is pentylene glycol. What sounds chemical is actually a purely natural product made from sugar cane. However, as this substance not only has preservative properties but also many other excellent properties, it is not a preservative according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation. Only cosmetics that meet these requirements in full are allowed to claim that their products are free from preservatives. This means that all products bearing the 100% Natur Ident seal are free from preservatives*.

*according to the law

Skin-identical structure

After long discussions, research and, of course, failed attempts, we have managed to give our creams a skin-identical structure by mechanically processing individual ingredients in our cosmetics. The use of this aloe vera base cream opens up completely new possibilities in, and with, our products.

But what is a "skin-identical cream" anyway?

Normally, fats, oils and liquids are "combined" in creams using an emulsifier. This creates fat and water droplets which are then applied to the skin. In a skin-identical cream, such as our cosmetic products, oils, fats and liquids are not laminated into droplets but into extremely fine "layers" through a mechanical treatment process. This creates a skin-identical base which also enables us to manufacture our products without the use of emulsifiers. Another decisive advantage of a skin-identical cream is that the active ingredients can penetrate the skin much faster and deeper, where they can unfold their effect.

No emulsifiers in our cosmetics!

Many chemically produced emulsifiers are also used in conventional natural cosmetics. As this also does not correspond to our understanding of natural cosmetics, we have also looked for solutions to this problem. Through the purely mechanical treatment of individual, completely natural ingredients, we are able to dispense with emulsifiers in our cosmetics.

Only in our massage oil and our emulsion do we use a purely plant-based emulsifier based on castor oil to counteract any separation of the active ingredients.

What distinguishes the natural cosmetics from Aloe Vera Farm Mallorca from other manufacturers?

After long research and discussions, we came to the conclusion that the well-known natural cosmetics seals are not able to represent what we imagine natural cosmetics to be. That's why we created the 100% Natur Ident seal. In everything we have developed, produced and planned over the past 10 years, one thing has always been particularly important to us: to be transparent! We have offered this to all our customers and visitors from day one with our transparent production, our farm tour and on our homepage. It was and is also important to us to offer transparency in all aspects of our natural cosmetics. That is why we deliberately decided against "green washing" and developed the 100% Natur Ident seal. This is characterized by a whole series of requirements that cosmetic products must meet in order to be allowed to carry this seal:

  • No water

  • No preservatives*

  • No microplastics

  • Clear labeling of the origin of the raw materials used (from controlled organic cultivation, natural or nature-identical) on the homepage

  • No substances of nature-identical origin if the substance can be easily and safely used from natural sources

  • No emulsifiers

  • Skin-identical cosmetics

So why should you choose 100% Natur Ident?

Only the highest quality active ingredients and raw materials, whenever possible in organic quality, make it into cosmetic and skincare products bearing the 100% Natur Ident seal. Only organic aloe vera grown directly on site is used in our products! By processing it into organic aloe vera juice directly after harvesting, we guarantee the highest level of quality and ingredients! An aloverose content of consistently well over 1500mg/l makes the quality of our direct juice almost unrivaled! Out of conviction, no spray-dried powder or concentrate is used in our products!

By labeling all ingredients on the website, the 100% Natur Ident seal guarantees maximum transparency and thus creates trust. As all products contain no water, the content of active ingredients is increased to a maximum. In addition, you can be sure that you are not paying for water but for high-quality ingredients!

The absence of emulsifiers also increases the content of active ingredients in a completely natural way, as no emulsifier naturally creates space for other substances in the product.

Furthermore, we do not use any questionable ingredients in any of our products!

Last but not least, the absence of preservatives* distinguishes products with the 100% Natur Ident seal!

In addition, all products bearing the 100% Natur Ident seal are free from micro- and nanoplastics, mineral oil, parabens, PEG, animal testing, animal fats and of course all dermatologically tested.